Muriel’s Homecoming!!!

What a delightful day in Atchison on Monday as Muriel received a warm welcome by residents and visitors alike! The morning began at 9:15am heading down Hwy 73 south from Lancaster. A cavalcade of police cars, escort cars, SUV’s, and a firetruck surrounded Muriel and her trailer as she made her way into Atchison with her mom and new adoptive parents. 

Her first stop was between Atchison Elementary School and Atchison High School where she was welcomed with cheers and homemade signs by adoring young fans. 

Atchison Elementary School

Atchison Elementary School students made signs to welcome Muriel to Atchison Monday, August 22. Photo credit: Grace McGuire


Atchison Elementary School students admire Muriel passing by Monday, August 22. Photo credit: Isaac Piper


The entire student body at Atchison Elementary School came out to see Muriel August 22. Photo credit: Isaac Piper


Photo credit: Isaac Piper

Muriel then traveled down K-7 to Division Street and onto 2nd Street to visit St. Benedict’s School and St. Benedict’s Church. She had many more adoring fans- especially the ones wearing uniforms and waving flags! Atchison Police were also incredibly helpful to navigate road closures and traffic management for residents during this time. 

St. Benedict's School students

St. Benedict’s School students pose for a photo with Muriel. Photo credit: Grace McGuire

Muriel St. Benedict's Church

Muriel in front of St. Benedict’s Church. Photo credit: Grace McGuire


Traveling down 2nd Street in Atchison. Photo credit: Libby Paul

Muriel’s next stop was on Main Street at the 4th Street parking area before the bridge. She was greeted by a parking lot full of visitors on both sides, ready to capture a photo-op with the beauty herself.


Muriel stopped for pictures with admirers at the corner of Main Street and 4th Street Monday. Photo credit: Libby Paul

Sooo cute

Sooo cute! Welcoming Muriel to Atchison with ear to ear smiles! Photo credit: Grace McGuire

 Then the final stop was at the Amelia Earhart Airport for a wonderful celebration for Muriel’s Homecoming! Karen Seaberg, President of the Atchison Amelia Earhart Foundation, shared the story of how Muriel has come to be adopted by the Foundation and what it means for the City of Atchison and for her husband, Ladd Seaberg, and her personally to have Muriel in Atchison as a part of Amelia Earhart’s legacy. Grace McGuire, Muriel’s owner and “mom” for 34 years, shared a touching tribute to Karen and Ladd for adopting Muriel. It was a treasure to have Grace in town to be a part of the celebration. Members of the Northeast Kansas and Kansas City 99’s were present as were many residents, a preschool class, members of the press, and a multitude of team members who made Muriel’s journey and arrival in Atchison possible. 


A welcome home banner greeted Muriel at the Amelia Earhart Airport. Photo credit: Libby Paul


Muriel shines brightly at her new home. Photo credit: Libby Paul


A large crowd of supporters gathered Monday to celebrate Muriel. Photo credit: Libby Paul


Supporters prepare for Muriel’s introduction by Karen Seaberg and Grace McGuire. Photo credit: Libby Paul


The Kansas 99’s, Karen, and Grace join together by Muriel. Photo credit: Libby Paul


Karen and Ladd Seaberg gather with friends and supporters by Muriel. Photo credit: Libby Paul


Preschoolers came out to Amelia Earhart Airport to see Muriel and release balloons in her honor. Photo credit: Libby Paul


Karen Seaberg addresses the crowd by sharing her heart for having Muriel in Atchison to further tell Earhart’s amazing story. Photo credit: Libby Paul


James Norton, Keating & Associates, and Reed Berger, VP of the Atchison Amelia Earhart Foundation and COO of Berger Company, celebrating Muriel’s arrival in Atchison. Photo credit: Libby Paul


Libby Paul, Keating & Associates, and Grace McGuire, Muriel’s “mom”, finally meet in person and celebrate Muriel’s homecoming. Photo credit: Libby Paul

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